About Chris

Chris_Caine_2_mediumChris Caine is a British survival instructor and consultant featured in national newspapers and TV.

At age 7 Chris began his survival training, under the tutelage of his father, a survival expert with the British Special Forces. After leaving school, Chris decided to move away from civilisation and chose to spend his time living off the natural resources around him, without a typical home or house to call a base. Instead he travelled throughout the country, living in shelters he’d built himself in places such as Ben Nevis, Devon, Dartmoor, Exmoor and Cornwall.

Whilst Chris was living off the land, he offered tourists his services as a guide and started running small survival courses. In 1989, he formed a survival school in Guildford, Surrey trading as the Guildford Survival School. In 1992, the school was featured in national newspapers when Chris shows TV chef Glynn Christian, when he showed how to cook and eat in survival situations.

It was a round this time Chris was introduced by his father, to John “Lofty” Wiseman – (regarded as the Godfather of Survival Training) who refined Chris’s expertise in all aspects of survival.

In 2005, Chris founded the Trueways Survival School, where he worked alongside his mentor John “Lofty” Wiseman.

A year later, Chris was featured in the E4 programme Princess Nikki instructing celebrity Nikki Grahame how to build a simple outdoor home, made of trees and branches, how to dig a hole in the ground for a toilet, and how to fish. This episode had an overnight rating of 236,000 viewers.

Chris sold his interest in Trueways Survival School in 2009 to set up Chris Caine Survival where he has since designed a range of survival knives based on his extensive survival experience.

Currently, Chris is a show host on AroundTheCabin.com with shows every 4th Friday @ 7 PM EST. Come watch, chat and ask questions.

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