About Us

Chris Caine Survival was founded in 2009 by wilderness and survival expert Chris Caine.

Chris previously founded 2 survival training providers; the Guildford Survival School in 1989 and in 2005, Chris founded the Trueways Survival School, where he worked alongside his mentor John “Lofty” Wiseman. Chris sold his interest in Truways in 2009 to set up Chris Caine Survival.

Run by highly experienced survival experts, Chris Caine Survival offer survival courses in the UK and USA and aims to provide no-nonsense, high quality, survival instruction to people from all walks of life with any level of experience

We don’t teach theoretical techniques which can’t be used in the real world. We stick to proven methods which actually work when you need them. We aim to provide the knowledge and confidence required to survive unsupported in a wide variety of situations. Our courses are enjoyable, practical and informative

Interested in shaking off your dependency on modern technology? Book a spot on one of our UK Survival Courses and learn to survive in the wilderness.

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