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About Our Courses

Each of our survival courses cover the basics of shelter, water, fire and food (though different courses cover the subjects to different depths), ensuring that the basic building blocks of survival are foremost in your mind, setting a firm foundation on which to add more knowledge and survival techniques.

We are aware that every action taken in the wilds can have a knock on effect to the natural balance of nature, so we teach all our students to respect the land on which they are learning and walking. If you respect the land and look after it, then the land will feed you, cloth you and keep you warm, if you don’t then you will very quickly run out of resources and be in trouble.

All of our courses are run with student safety being paramount, but also in a fun and relaxed manner, as we believe that if people are laughing they are paying attention and learning better. All of our instructors are friendly and easily approachable with any question you may have.

Some of what we teach on our courses:

  • Survival Tin: The importance of carrying one, as well as the basic and advanced uses. We also explain some additional extras.
  • Shelter Building: Man made, improvised and natural, where to locate yourself and what hazards to look for. We will teach you the different shelters you need to survive.
  • Fire Lighting: Wet or dry, you will be trained in confident fire lighting and we will explain about different fire lays, grading the materials and wood burning properties.
  • Signals: We will teach you various types of signals, how to build them and where to place them for rescue, as well as how to inform others of your situation.
  • Water: Collecting, filtering and purifying, you will be shown how to do it all, making your water safe for human consumption.
  • Food: A balanced diet. You will be shown a selection of plants & fungi and told how to treat them. You will also be shown trapping techniques for catching fish and game.
  • Navigation: you will be shown how to navigate without a compass using the sun, stars or your analog wrist watch.
  • Medical: You will be shown certain plants & fungi that can aid medical conditions and basic first aid measures
2 Day: Beginner's Survival Course
3 Day: Basic Survival Course
4 Day: Intermediate Survival Course
Custom Survival Course

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