2 Day: Beginners Survival Course

2_Day_mediumEach of our courses work in a progression system, with the end goal being that you will have gained actual skills, knowledge and experiences in a controlled environment equipping you to survive in a number of situations when cut off from civilization and only having limited resources.

We at Chris Caine Survival are firm believers that people learn better by doing something and making mistakes, than by just being told how to do it, so we run all of our courses with as much hands on tuition as we possibly can.

The course starts with you building your own shelter for the night, keeping you warm and dry. We then move onto fire lighting, importance of fire safety and how much wood you think you will need for a night’s warmth & cooking. You will collect & purify your own water, cook your own food and learn how to navigate using the stars and the sun. If that’s not enough for you, we will also take you on a plant ID walk, where you will be shown a number of plants; some can be used for food, or have medical uses, others are poisonous (a note pad and pencil is invaluable here). Had enough? There’s more! You also have trapping to learn, signaling for help and how to care for you knife and other cutting tools.

On your final day you will be given a series of informal tests to complete, so that you can gage your learning curve and see how much you have taken in during your course.

Course Content:

  • Survival psychology – “The will to live”
  • Camp location & selection
  • Shelter building – Natural/Improvised
  • Fire starting & maintenance – “without matches Wet & Dry”
  • Reflectors – For heat & protection
  • Signals – For rescue
  • Finding water – Filtration & purification
  • Wild foods – Plants, fungi, insects, worms, snails, grubs, fish & game
  • Preparation of wild foods
  • Plants for medicine
  • Navigation – Using the sun & stars
  • Medical

You have a lot to learn on this course, but it’s all done in a fun and friendly manor. Our instructors are always around to give extra help and tuition whenever you feel you need it, all you have to do is ask.

We believe that customer satisfaction and value for money are of great importance, so we keep our content rich and high while keeping our prices low, opening survival training up to a larger group of people.

So come along, give us a try and see what you think, we are certain that you won’t be bored or disappointed on our courses.

£ 100.00 GBP Per Day

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