CC Folder Black

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This robust folding knife is meant for every day carry (EDC) and was designed to withstand the rigours of every day use. This simple knife was designed by survival and wilderness expert Chris Caine. The knife blade is 74mm (2.9″) long and so is legal to carry in the UK.

The knife comes with a Black Canvas Micarta handle.

For those who don’t know Chris, he spent 15 years travelling on the road in the British wilderness; he hunted, fished, foraged for food and lived in survival shelters that he had built.

Whilst Chris was living off the land, he offered tourists his services as a guide and ran small survival courses. In 1989 he formed one of the country’s first survival schools in Guildford, Surrey trading as ‘Guildford Survival School’. This school eventually became known as Trueways Survival School (now closed) which Chris left to form Chris Caine Survival.

  • Steel: CS80
  • Handle: Black Canvas Micarta
  • Open Length: 208mm
  • Closed Length: 163mm
  • Blade Length: 74mm
  • Weight: 139g
Each knife can take 2-3 weeks to be handmade by Barry Holden at Samuel Staniforth Ltd. It is then shipped direct to you via FedEx.


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