Chris Caine ® Companion Knife (Rosewood)

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The Chris Caine® Companion Survival Knife is the newest addition to the Chris Caine Survival Series and is designed as a mid-point between the larger Chris Caine® Survival Tool and smaller Chris Caine® Survival Knife.

The Chris Caine® Companion Survival Knife is hand made from start to finish, from profiling out the blades, hardening & tempering, assembly, grinding, right up to the final polish are all done in house.

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When chopping with this tool your fingers are kept well away from the material you are hitting, thanks to the deep curve in the cutting edge, making it harder for you to trap your fingers. Not only this but on the back of the blade we have rounded off a section so when you are hitting this tool with another cutting of wood you are less likely to damage anything, and also makes it more useful for beating materials to obtain the fibers within.

The blade laser cut from 5mm, CS80 Carbon Steel 52/54 Rockwell and has a full tang. Each tool is supplied sharp, and strong enough to fell a large tree, yet at just over 750g, it’s light enough to be worn on your belt.

The blade has a convex grind to allow for a more durable edge, and ease of sharpening, not only will this tool split logs for the fire, it will also allow you to shave some fire sticks with ease, making it able to go from heavy work to fine intricate work without a problem.

Further back along the blade the spine has been left with a crisp square edge, to allow you to scrape wood in order to obtain a very fine fibrous layer, which will easily take a spark for starting your fire.

The handle is made from Polished Rosewood with and has been designed with three main grips, meaning that power and control can be altered depending on the job in hand. The supplied Cordura sheath is also made to a high standard and fully articulated.

  • Overall Length: 13.75″ (34cm)
  • Blade Length: 8” (20cm)
  • Metal: CS80
  • Handle: Polished Rosewood
  • Hardness: 52-54 Rockwell
  • Weight: 450g

As with the other knives in the Chris Caine Survival series, the Chris Caine® Companion Knife is individually hand crafted by Sheffield master knife makers at Samuel Staniforth Ltd.

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